Parise Advisory

Ci occupiamo di tematiche commerciali e strategiche dal 1994. Esperienze lavorative con imprese italiane ed estere, PMI e multinazionali.

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” Trading or selling your products
on the Italian market “

If you are considering trading or selling your products on the Italian market, we can help you to obtain all the useful data in order to decide whether it’s worth signing a contract with an Italian representative or distributor.

We can help you to draw the whole picture: we can analyze who are your Italian and foreign competitors, where is your possible positioning in the market, what is the best strategy to implement.

Besides, doing business in Italy requires knowing how to deal with a complex bureaucracy and many regulations. We can help you weave between these obstacles in order to let you concentrate on your core business.

About us

Since 1994 we help domestic and foreign companies in:

  • corporate strategy definition and execution
  • strategic positioning
  • distribution strategies
  • pricing strategies
  • SWOT analysis

  • value curve definition
  • corporate reporting, budgeting and marketing plan management
  • sales team and customer service management
  • sales and marketing department reorganisation

  • contracts with agents, brokers and distributors
  • agents’ and distributors’ business relationships management
  • B2B and B2C negotiations
  • key account acquisition